“We live in a world where we are taught from the start that we are thinking creatures that feel. The truth is, we are feeling creatures that think.” ~ Jill Bolte Taylor, Neuroanatomist

I drive consumer action by tapping into consumer emotion.

“Shoulds” are a dime a dozen. We should sock away X amount of our monthly income to build a hearty nest egg of X by the time we reach retirement. We should take X amount of steps each day and limit our daily fat intake to X percent.

We are familiar with the “shoulds.” We’re not as familiar with our own “why” of not adhering to them.

Here’s the problem: We’re emotional before we’re logical. In fact, we are far more emotional than we ever are logical. Therefore, shifting behavior relies on the ability to address values, beliefs, and emotion first.

Here’s the good news: Understanding the role emotion plays in driving behavior can increase the effectiveness in reaching your audience ten-fold. If they believe you have an innate understanding of what drives them, or what they struggle with, you’ve won the battle.

I create powerful, emotion-based content by adhering to five well-tested theories:

  • Effective writing taps into the common thread of the human experience and establishes the writer and audience as equals. It is not authoritative or condescending.
  • People will act when words speak directly to them.
  • Emotion sells. Even complicated or dry subject matter can be transformed with good, emotion-based writing.
  • Writing well isn’t a matter of checking off boxes. It can be grammatically correct and completely unmemorable.
  • Powerful writing creates an empowered audience.

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