It’s not just about being a subject matter expert. It’s about having the ability to breakdown complex ideas in a way that’s relatable. It’s about understanding an audience’s “why” and moving them to act.

Here are a few of the brands I’ve worked with.

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A Few Current + Past Clients

Smarty Social Media

Creative Content Producer

Clients: Invisalign, Oxigenesis, Base 11


Financial Writer

Quicken Loans

Financial Writer

Brightpeak Financial

Financial Writer

My Bank Tracker

Social Media Consultant + Financial Writer


Financial Writer


Financial Writer

Ready For Zero

Financial Writer

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Shannon InslerWriter + Content Strategist

Kayla is an incredibly talented writer, strategist, and marketer. Her strategies are on point, her writing skills are stellar, and her unique perspective has been critical to my success and professional fulfillment. I feel lucky to have met and been able to work with someone as smart, insightful, and talented as Kayla.

Kali HawlkWriter + Content Marketer

Kayla is dedicated to doing a stellar job in all her work and I so appreciate her commitment to detail and overall value. She’s been a lifesaver in helping me create social media plans and strategies for clients, and always provides strong recommendations. She not only explains the what, but the why and how, to give a comprehensive solution that makes implementation simple and effective. 

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