There is a wide range of financial information available to us at any time if we are committed to doing a little research. We can learn how to budget, invest, save– everything we need to know in order to be financially stable. So with all that available information, why are so many of us living financially stressful lives centered around overspending and under-planning?

Because it’s not just about obtaining knowledge–it’s about understanding the underlying causes of the issues and tuning in to why we continue to make the decisions that we do. If you’ve never thought about how your emotions are dictating your relationship with money, now’s the time to start.

Here are just a few things to explore in order to get to the root of your money issues.

Following Family Money Patterns

When you think about your first experiences with money, they are likely to be connected to memories of your family and childhood. The conversations and actions spurred by money, whether you were directly involved or just a witness, began to shape your belief system at a very young age.